Transmission Line PC-Speakers
Close Up

Here you can see my nifty router jig in action. On my monitor speakers page you can read about how I was planning to buy one of these babies. Well: I did, and I'm very happy with it. It makes routing squares and long slots a breeze. I bought the Klang&Ton version, which uses a somewhat narrower aluminum profile and costs less (basic set about 250euroos, I bought some accessoiries). Here, I used the jig to route out the slot in which the dividing panel will be mounted. In the lower left corner of the image you can see this panel mounted in the other side panel (which already has this slot routed into it)

Box in clamps

This is the box in clamps. Unfortunately, I did not take any pictures of my dowel jig in action. It has saved me a lot of time assembling the speakers. It takes some time to accurately drill the holes, but assembling the speakers with dowels is a piece of cake. The dowels accurately align all the panels, and also make sure they keep in place, leaving your hands free to place the glue-clamps. I won't build speakers without them anymore! You're looking at the front of the speaker, the baffle will be mounted later.

Both boxes primed

These are both speakers, primed and ready to be painted. I applied the primer with a brush: big mistake! The brush leaves such deep brushmarks that I needed to sand almost everything off again. Next time: roller or spraying.

Close Up

Pretty ey?
I bought my paint at the local paint store, the darkest red I could find ("Histor zwartrood", if you're interested). I first practiced rolling paint on a small piece of scrap-MDF, and discovered that my painting skills hadn't improved after building my monitor speakers (yes, I suck at painting). I took this can of paint to another paint store and had them put the paint into spray-cans. These are "professional grade" spray cans, which means they're under higher pressure and have a fan spray pattern (instead of the usual round spray pattern, which sprays more paint in the center of the spray-circle than at the edges, which leaves noticable streaks). This costs about 8 euroos/can, and I had 3 cans filled. This is expensive, but I didn't want to ruin the mucho-expensivo brand-new spray gun we have lying around. I masked off a small area, which I declared my "spray booth" and also strictly offlimits for everyone else but me and my dad. Spraying the speakers was a breeze with these spraycans, no more brushes or rollers for me! I'm way better at spraying than brushing or rolling. It even looks good by objective standards (and not just my biassed opinion!)