8 channel amplifier
8 channel amplifier page
A very important part of loudspeakers is their crossover. LspCad let's you listen to it before actually building one. But you need more than 2 channels of amplification, because each driver needs it's own amplifier. My soundcard has 8 outputs, so I built an 8 channel amplifier.
My monitorspeakers
Based on Scan Speak 18w/8546 and Raven R1.0. I'm living with my parents again, and they won't let me place the speakers I had built (a mtm using the same drivers) in the livingroom. I've built closed monitor speakers for use in my studyroom. I'm planning to use a Linkwitz Transform circuit to make them play deeper bass than is normally possible with a 18w/8546 in a 12L closed cabinet
My Transmissionline PC-speakers
These are my TL PC-speakers. Based on a vifa p17wg woofer and Peerless 812978 (WA10/TV) tweeter. Designed with Martin King´s spreadsheets, and a lot of help from Bob Brines. Click here or on the image to read about them.
Speaker Measurement Jig
To be able to design a good crossover for speaker, it is important to measure the response and impedance of the speakers. To do this, I´ve built a jig that I can use with my soundcard and specific measurement software. It has a built-in poweramp and microphone pre-amp and can be used with practically all soundcard measurement software. Click here or on the image to read about it.
Opamp Headphone Amplifier
This is an headphone amplifier, based on the opa2134 from Burr-Brown. Two opamps are used, with one half of each buffering the output of the other half for increased current capability. Click here or on the image to read about it.
CD Player Mod
I have replaced the standard clock crystal in my cd player with a low jitter one, and replaced the output opamps. Click here or on the image to read about it.
Headphone Amplifier
Small headamp picture
This is my first complete diy project. It's a headphone amp, based on a design from Greg Szekeres. The complete article on this amp can be found on Headwize. I built the DC-coupled version. It uses 2 irf510 mosfets and the powersupply is based on a lm317/lm337 pair
My DIY Speakers
Speaker Icon
Here you will find a description of the design and construction of my DIY speakers. The design is based on a MTM with a Raven R1.0 tweeter, and Scan Speak 18w/8546 woofers
DT931 Cable Replacement
The Beyerdynamic is a very good headphone. If it only came with a straight cord instead of the annoying coiled cord, it would be almost perfect. I replaced the standard cable with a straight one myself, because I was fed up with the headphone being pulled off my head by the tension from the coiled cord. Read here how I did it.
Cd Rack
My previous cd rack was becoming to small, so a new one was needed. Nothing spectacular, purely functional. It can hold about 350 cds and is made out of pine and poplar plywood. Click here or on the image to read about it.
Hybrid Headphone Amplifier
Small headamp picture
This headphone amplifier will replace the Szekeres I made some time ago. This hybrid amplifier will have a 5670 triode as a gainstage to power the mosfet sourcefollower. This sourcefollower will again be a Szekeres headphone amplifier