Hi, and welcome!

This website is about do-it-yourself audio.
I have created the page so I can share my own projects and hopefully provide some usefull info on how you can build something for yourself.

On the Projects page you will find the stuff that I have made, including descriptions of how I did it.
On the Future Plans page, you will find things I plan to do and projects I've started on, but aren't finished yet.
The Resources section has a list of links that I gathered in my websurfing hours. You can also download software from there.
The Books&Music page has a list of books that I have or plan to read, a small list of music I like, and websites on music I visit
Other Info like a what's new list and downloads can be found in the other info corner.

What's new on the site:

I have built an 8 channel amplifier, which I will use for designing loudspeaker crossovers.

Go to amplifier page

I built a pair of transmission line speakers. Click on the image to read about them.

Go to PC-speakers page

I have updated the list of books that I've read and find usefull, find it here.
Mario Hanczarek has written on how to make your own PCB's, read about it on the Other Info page.

When you want to contact me, for information on anything featured on the website, or about the website, don't hesitate to do so!

Enjoy reading and I hope you will visit regurlarly,

Raymond van Weeghel

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updated: 01-sept-2004